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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

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Saturday November 19 

The Tenth Series -- Land Quad

We are sitting on top of a very high hill. It's currently 47 degrees with an expected high of 57 degrees with partly sunny conditions. There is a flurry of activity as the traffic committee parks all the remaining trucks for the contestants, spectators and workers. The Finalists will arrive in a procession. The Honor Guard has arrived and is walking through their procedure for the morning's ceremony.

The 10th Series is a Land Quad. The mat is on top of the hill facing east. The test is set in what appears to be a large bowl. The order is left to right, around the horn. Bird #1, at 125 yards on the left, is a retired, dead hen mallard station. This bird is thrown to the left, up a hill. Bird #2, at 225 yards, is a rooster pheasant flyer station. This bird is shot to the left and is behind and just right of the retired hen mallard station. Bird #3, at 250 yards, is in front of the mat on the far side of the test. This is a hen mallard flyer shot to the right. Bird #4, at 160 yards, is to the handlers right. This is a rooster pheasant flyer station and it is shot to the left towards the hen mallard flyer.

Both test dogs completed the test in approximately 12 minutes per dog. The judges have made a few changes on where the birds are to land they appear to be satisfied with their test and have called for the first running dog at 9:48 am PT. The wind direction is coming from the dog's back on the line. Test sketch to come...

Left hand retired

Middle left flyer

Middle right flyer

Right hand flyer

The first bird is thrown to the left, not to the right as shown in the video.
After the change, there was not another test dog.

The first running dog, #71, had a no-bird on the right hand flyer. This means that he has to go back to the end of the line--correction, he had to go back three dogs.

At 11:50 am the 2011 National Open concluded. All twelve dogs have finished the tests. Five of the twelve dogs had a handle in the Tenth Series. The sun is bright, the temperatures are warming up and the judges have gone to make their final decision.

And the winner of the 
2011 National Open is.........
#71 FC Watermark's Running Back, LM Owned by Cynthia & Richard Tallman
Handled by Jim Gonia  


Congratulations to All The Finalists

#15 FC Drake's Bay Parting Of The Sea, LM
Owners: Bill & Judy Landau
Handler: Wayne Curtis

#20 FC-AFC Hardscrabble Carbunnation, LF
Owners: Judy Rasmuson & Ronald Wallace
Handler: Judy Rasmuson

#31 FC Seaside's Pelican Pete, LM
Owner: Robert Zylla
Handler: Steve Yozamp

#49 NFC Two Rivers Lucky Willie, LM
Owner: Marion Stroud-Swingle
Hander: Dave Rorem

#51 AFC Sara's Blue Streak, LM
Owners: L. William & Sara Goldstein
Handler: Al Arthur

#54 FC-AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble, LM
Owner: Bobby Lane
Handler: Mark Smith

#58 FC Little Bit Dangerous, LF
Owner: Joe Beitler
Handler: John Henninger

#70 FC Wing Magic's Standpipe Moon, LF
Owners: Frank Price & Brian & Robin Freeland
Handler: Mark Edwards                    

#72 FC Premier's RSK Powerstroke, LM
Owner: Marion Stroud-Swingle
Handler: Alan Pleasant

#84 FC-AFC Citori's Vista 40th Pres, LF
Owners: Michael & Lynn Moore
Handler: Michael Moore

#88 FC-AFC Seaside's Get the Party Started, LF
Owner: Mike Ballezzi
Handler: Al Arthur

Official 2011 NRC Photographer, Molly Schlachter's photo gallery


2011 NRC
Running Order

1. FC Rocky Creek's Full Tilt Boogie, LF
2. NAFC-FC Cody Cut A Lean Grade, LM
3. FC Beadle LC's Three Ring Circus, LM
4. FC-AFC Robbers' Stray Bullet, LM
5. FC DoubleDuce, LM
6. AFC Windy City's Bent Tail, LM
7. FC-AFC Mercy Mercy Mercy Me, LF
8. FC-AFC Ragin Eye Of The Storm, LM
9. FC-AFC Wolf Creek CR Skeeter, LM
10. FC-AFC Citori's Accept No Substitute, LF
11. Leica II, LF
12. FC-AFC Hardscrabbles Powder My Buns, LM
13. FC-AFC Freeridin Smooth Operator, LF
14. FC-AFC Chatanika's High Water Haylee, LF
15. FC Drake's Bay Parting Of The Sea, LM
16. FC Abby's Little Cooper, LF
17. Bluegoose's Passion For Jazz, LM
18. FC Moonstones Ignites On Impact MH, LM
19. FC-AFC Wham Bam's Just A Little Bit, LF
20. FC-AFC Hardscrabble Carbunnation, LF
21. FC Counterpoint's Sidekick, LM
22. FC Shadow's Whiteshoes, LM
23. FC Seaside's Bullwinkle, LM
24. FC Peakebrook's Brawny Force, LM
25. FC-AFC Sureshot's Texas Hold'Em, LM
26. FC-AFC Jazztime Hanging Chad, LM
27. FC-AFC Riverrun's True North, LM
28. FC-AFC Hardscrabble Roxie McBunn, LF
29. NFC-AFC Hunter Runs BooBoo, LM
30. Citori's No Holds Barred, LF
31. FC Seaside's Pelican Pete, LM
32. FC-AFC Land Ahoy, LM
33. FC-AFC Lil Chin Music, LF
34. FC Seaside's Kingfish, LM
35. FC Maplecreek's Mini Chopper, LM
36. FC Watermark's BB Standing Ovation, LM
37. FC-AFC Dixie City Jam II, LM
38. FC-AFC Machthree's Edge, LF
39. FC-AFC Camino Weight Cutter, LM
40. FC-AFC Eva-Ethyl-Proby-Weber, LF
41. FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Jazztime Last Chance V Pekisko, LM
42. FC-AFC Bayou-Star Beyond Independent, LF
43. FC Knollwood Sweet Lily, LF
44. FC Contempt Of Court, LM
45. FC-AFC Nebo's Grandma Ruby, LF
46. FC-AFC Shadows Sweet Something, LF
47. FC Me D Boss, LM
48. FC-AFC Lil Bit's Cote D'Or Pinot Noir, LM
49. NFC Two Rivers Lucky Willie, LM
50. FC Road Warrior's Duramax, LM
51. AFC Sara's Blue Streak, LM
52. FC Wingover's Pedro II, LM
53. FC-AFC Candlewood GoldenDaze Louie, LM
54. FC-AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble, LM
55. FC-AFC Waterdogs Shock And Awe, LM
56. Vista's Case Of Purple, LM
57. FC-AFC Jet Black Bustin Thru The Brush MH, LM
58. FC Little Bit Dangerous, LF
59. FC Jazztime Empty Wallet, LM
60. FC-AFC Sureshot's TKO, LM
61. NFC-AFC Candlewood's Something Royal, LF
62. FC Westwoods Iron Man, LM
63. FC-AFC Wine Glass Lucky Strike, LM
64. FC By Golden's Pond's Legacy, LF
65. FC-AFC Landover's Right On Target, LM
66. FC-AFC Tealcreek Patton's Saber, LM
67. FC Adams Acres Water Lilly, LF
68. FC-AFC Nightwings Marsh Leader, LM
69. FC Fresh Squeezed Juice, LM
70. FC Wing Magic's Standpipe Moon, LF
71. FC Watermark's Running Back, LM
72. FC Premier's RSK Powerstroke, LM
73. FC-AFC Holy Cross's Moses, LM
74. FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Runnin's Molly B, LF
75. FC Mitimat You Go Girl, LF
76. FC-AFC Premier's Iron Man Ozzy, LM
77. Candlewood's Skyrocket, LF
78. FC Merlyn IV, LM
79. FC-AFC-CNAFC-CFC-CAFC Moonstones Hug And Moochie, LF
80. CNFC Road Warriors Lady Hawk, LF
81. FC-AFC Castlebay's Night Robber, LM
82. FC-AFC Trulines Walla Walla Sweet, LF
83. FC Bayou Teche Tex, LM
84. FC-AFC Citori's Vista 40th Pres, LF
85. FC RSK's Oohs And Aahs, LM
86. FC Nobody Moves Nobody Gets Hurt, LM
87. FC-AFC Sanpitch River Shore Thing, LM
88. FC-AFC Seaside's Get the Party Started, LF
89. FC Maple Creek's Spirit Warrior, LM
90. FC Sorol Green River Indian Scout, LM